August 19, 2018

Check out our brand new,educational microsite, Don’t Be A Zombie!


Don’t Be A Zombie is an interactive microsite aimed at educating and informing young people around the harms and issues associated with drug and alcohol misuse.  It has been developed by Early Break who have worked closely with Rochdale Council and Make Agency to bring harm reduction messages to young people around drugs and alcohol.

The site features information and advice on a whole host of substances ranging from alcohol and cannabis to heroin and amphetamine. The information includes various drugs laws and legalities, prices, slang names, impact on physical and mental health and harm reduction messages.

There is also a “Dezombify Me” section which provides self-help documents and leaflets.

Vicky Maloney, Chief Executive Officer at Early Break said “We were keen to embrace and build on the opportunities afforded by digital health related media. As a young person’s service we felt there was a clear gap in the market for a new site which offered advice, information and support to young people in a way that was visually engaging, evidence based and memorable. The new ‘Don’t be a Zombie’ microsite is the perfect platform to educate and encourage discussions around substance misuse in a fun way, supporting healthy informed choice.”

Councillor Janet Emsley, Rochdale Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Health and Wellbeing, said: “It is important that we educate young people about the harms and issues associated with drug and alcohol misuse so they can make healthier lifestyle choices and improve their quality of life for years to come. It is fantastic that we have this new resource that they can use to find information for themselves easily and remember the facts.”

The site is now live and accessible at please use the site and circulate within your contacts!