March 16, 2020

Social Work Day - 18th March 2020

What's it like to be a Social Worker?

“It’s a privilege to get to know families and individuals and be able to offer support in a time of need and to be committed to helping people function the best they can in their own environment. It is important to help fight the stigma that Social Workers face around being heartless or that we want to take children away from families.

The sense of accomplishment when building trusted relationships, working alongside clients and being able to have a positive impact on not only clients but also families and communities is wonderful.

‘Promoting the importance of human relationships’ is the theme of World Social Work day 2020 and focuses on looking at relationships within society and is of great importance when looking at challenges that are faced in society.

At Early Break, I’m using my skills as a Social Worker to support children and young people in families where parents and/or carers are using substances. I help the children find their voice in family meetings to talk about how substance use affects them (this can be no meals prepared, no help with homework, no clean uniform, having to look after other siblings etc), a job I find thoroughly rewarding.”