August 6, 2020

COVID-19 Update - August 2020

“As we move into early August, I thought it timely to give an update of where we are as an organisation as we make sensible, considered changes responding to lockdown changes.

“In responding to government guidelines, our buildings across Bury, Rochdale, Salford and Trafford (all very different working environments) have slowly opened up. Every consideration with regards to the safety of our staff and those we work with has been implemented. All staff have received an additional induction regarding working safely and considerately, prior to returning to their workspace to minimise any risk of infection.

“Our staff are operating in mixed environments of home working and office working. Social distancing measures are applied in all our offices. A rota system is in place, ensuring that only a % of staff are in an office at any given time to again minimise any risk to themselves and others.

“Staff with client facing roles are now able to meet up for appointments, albeit socially distanced and some aspects of service, given the constraints of environment, are able to take place face to face.

“We continue to monitor the news in this ever-changing arena and keep up to date with the latest government guidelines that then shape any changes we apply. First and foremost, Early Break is a person-centred organisation and our principal goal is to continue to safeguard all stakeholders balanced with being ever present to support the young people and families in the Greater Manchester area who we are privileged to work with.

“If you are a young person or a family member in Bury, Rochdale, Bolton, Salford or Trafford and need support, please get in touch with us on 0161 723 3880 where we will pick up and return your message or email us at Thank you.”

Vicky Maloney

Chief Executive Officer, Early Break