November 12, 2020

Adopt the Early Break teddies for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

We are having a little fun this year with our Christmas fundraising campaign! The idea came about when a colleague adopted a donkey. We thought, if you are able, why not adopt our Early Break teddies instead of sending Christmas cards this festive season? We are sure you’ll agree we are all a fluffy bundle of loveliness!

  (Rest of the calendar below!)

In all seriousness though, 2020 has been a tough year for charities financially, COVID-19 has hit us hard. Normally we would be putting on events, supporting people and organisations who fundraise for us, but lockdown has meant we have had to suspend all fundraising activity. Yet, it still costs almost £5,000 A DAY to run our charity that supports vulnerable young people and families across Greater Manchester.

If you can support us today, please press on the donate button (top left on this web page) and donate what you can. Absolutely every little helps us.

  • £1.00 would buy a packet of felt tips to support a child find their voice in family meetings
  • Up to £50.00 would enable a young person or family to access our Wellbeing Fund for emergency items
  • £50.00 means we can offer a child one bereavement counselling session after suffering a significant loss
  • £100 pays for one early intervention and prevention outreach session (2 staff)

Whatever you can spare would be gratefully received.

If you have an Amazon Account you might like to purchase something from our Amazon Wishlist with items starting from just £1.00. Please click on the link below.

EARLY BREAK CHRISTMAS ADVENT! Happy Holidays from all of us….

Eric, Advocacy Worker, Rochdale

Laura, ‘Closing the Gap’ transition worker

Clare, Senior Administrative Lead

Gareth, Operations Manager, Bury

Karen, Data Analyst

Janine, Operations Director

Eva, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Worker

Shauna, Children & Young People’s Worker

Rhyse, Operations Manager, Salford & Trafford

Alannah, Advocacy Worker, Bury

Louise, Team Leader/Advocacy Worker

Gemma, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Manager

Jo, Emotional Health & Wellbeing/Outreach Worker

Luke, Operations Director

Amy, Holding Families Co-ordinator, Salford

Heidi, Anti-Bullying Project Lead

Anna, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Worker

Becky, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Worker

Georgina, Family Worker Prisons

Julie, Children & Young People’s Worker

Janette, Advocacy Worker, Bury

Jacqui, Training, Marketing & Development

Heather, Advocacy Worker, Bury

Toni, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Worker

Vicky, CEO