September 6, 2021

Geek Bars - young people using low cost, high strength alternative to vape pens/e-cigarettes

Geek Bars

Suzanne, our Advocacy worker in Salford and Bury, has put together this article to raise awareness of a new trend for young people called ‘Geek Bars’.

Geek Bars are a disposable, low cost alternative to traditional vapes and E-cigarettes. They can be purchased in corner shops for as little as £5 which makes them very accessible to younger children. They come in fruity flavours and bright packaging to appeal to young people. They are easy to hide in a pencil case as they are cleverly designed to have no visible buttons or markings and to look very similar to a highlighter pen (pictured in a child’s hand).

They contain 600 ‘puffs’ of vape and are then discarded. They only come in 1 strength- which is 20mg of nicotine. This is an extremely high amount of nicotine and only recommended for those giving up a smoking habit and certainly not for children.

An 18 year old described it to Suzanne as “a very bad rush” and said he had “shortness of breath and nausea” after using one.

For any help with issues around Geek Bars or any other substance related issues, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to advise.


Please click below to download a pdf resource about Geek Bars:

Disposable Vape Resource