Work With Us

Since 1994, Early Break has had a wealth of experience supporting young people and families with issues around their substance misuse, emotional health and wellbeing and associated risk factors such as neglect, homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation.

Early Break is proud to have a dedicated workforce who is passionate in developing and delivering a wide range of innovative services across their geographical areas. Responding to the needs of our service users and commissioners, we work across the community, residential, prison and housing settings.

Early Break aims to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes for young people and families. Their ‘value for money’ strategy is to achieve an optimal relationship between economy, efficiency and effectiveness by achieving the best price for providing a service, eliminating waste and achieving objectives and positive outcomes for our service users.

If you are interested in future service developments or tender opportunities please contact our Business Development Manager, Luke Bidwell on 0161 723 3880 or e-mail