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Drugs and Alcohol – The Facts Workbook

Building upon over two decades of experience in the substance misuse field, Early Break has produced a comprehensive workbook that includes all the latest information about drugs and alcohol. It is a perfect stand-alone resource to use as a reference or when working to support another individual. It is packed full of information which will be an invaluable tool to aid in education and practice. This workbook retails at just £15.00, but comes FREE when attending our Drug and Alcohol Professional Development Training

The workbook covers

Information on Early Break and our expertise in the area
Latest statistics on the numbers of substance using young people
Drug and alcohol strategy refreshers
Review of OFSTED reports
Introduction to the “Cycle of Change”
Drug categories, classifications and a quiz
Substance information, facts, laws and harm reduction advice for 20 various and emerging substances

How to order

To order, please download the order form below and scan back to or post to the Training & Marketing Department, Early Break, Annara House, 7-9 Bury Road, Radcliffe, M26 2UG (0161 723 3880).