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The Impact of ‘Pocket Money Drugs’

Early Break is a multi award winning service with 25 years’ experience of working with children and young people. This full day skills work shop, with 3 interactive sessions, has been designed following a demand for more focus on practical methods of helping and engaging young people with issues around substance use (which can include complex issues such as domestic violence, emotional health & wellbeing, child sexual exploitation, child crime exploitation, poverty and neglect and more).

Early Break is a person-centred organisations which means the young people we work with are always at the centre of the decision making process (which can be a challenge when multi agencies are involved in their care). Why not sign up to find out best practices of working with vulnerable young people?

Session 1

What are ‘Pocket Money Drugs’?
What are the most common drugs of choice that young people use in the UK? Introduce different resources that can be used for working with young people who may be using or at risk of using substances.

    • Know what is meant by the term ‘Pocket Money Drugs’ (Alcohol, Cannabis, Ecstasy, NPS)
    • Know which legal class each drug belongs too
    • Identify what ‘Pocket Money Drugs’ look like and the paraphernalia associated with them
Session 2

‘Child-Centred’ working with young people
Looks at how you can engage young people in a ‘Child-Centred’ manner and understand how they can often become lost in a sea of professionals

    • Identify barriers for engaging with young people
    • Discuss the complexities that young people face when working with multi agencies
    • Understand the meaning of ‘Child-Centred’ working
Session 3

How to support ‘change in a young person’
Arms you with the practical skills to support positive change

    • Understand the principles of the ‘Cycle of Change’
    • Understand the core values of ‘Motivational Interviewing’
    • Know how to identify readiness to change
    • Demonstrate using ‘Motivational Interviewing Techniques’
Available Dates

This bespoke training costs £650 (no VAT) and is available nationwide and can be tailored to suit any organisation’s needs. If you are interested in setting a date for this half day training, please get in touch with the Training & Marketing Team on 0161 723 3880 and they will check the training diary for you.

How to book

To book any of our training courses please call the Training & Marketing Team on 0161 723 3880 or download the booking form below and scan back to 

Alternatively, post your booking form to the Training & Marketing Team, Early Break, Annara House, 7-9 Bury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 2UG.