What we do

Bereavement and Loss Counselling


Young people do not always get a chance to explore their feelings around loss. This can include other recognised forms of loss such as divorce, a parent/carer in prison, hospital or the armed forces, parents with complex mental or physical health, or substance use.

Our specialist counsellors work holistically with young people to improve their long term mental health and wellbeing. The counselling also has a preventative element as they prepare young people to be more resilient moving forward in life, offering coping mechanisms around the loss they have suffered.

Referrals for counselling (aged 5+) can be made via Healthy Young Minds in Bury by telephoning 0161 716 1100.


“It was helpful with counselling and
I’m a happy person. Thank you
for all your help.”

14 year old client

“It was good because I learnt
to control my emotions.”

12 year old client

“Helped me deal with my
parent’s separation.”

9 year old client

Learn more

For younger children trying to explore their emotions, why not visit our microsite ‘Memotional’ that has been developed to help children understand happiness, sadness, anger, fear and disgust, offers advice and self-help, whilst at the same time being a bright, interactive and fun microsite. www.memotional.co.uk