Charitable Objectives

Early Break has charity objectives. These are statements of what we are aiming to achieve through the work that we are undertaking. These are:

  • The relief of sickness and the preservation of good health of young people who use legal and illegal drugs by the provision of counselling, support and treatment services for such persons and their families.
  • To advance research into the use of substances by young people and to disseminate the results of such research.
  • To advance the education of the public, in particular young substance users and misusers and the professionals and organisations who come into contact with such persons, by providing appropriate training, advice and consultancy services and information and resources.
  • To promote the physical and mental health and wellbeing of young people and their families in particular but not exclusively by providing advice and information and raising awareness.
Charitable Values

We would like the way we conduct our business to reflect the values held by the Service in its service offer. Therefore as a business, Early Break is:

TRUSTWORTHY – We are a reliable, consistent presence for our clients, conducting ethical business with all stakeholders

ACCOUNTABLE – We work with openness and transparency ensuring our excellent standards are upheld and open to scrutiny

FAIR – We act with integrity, ensuring that people we encounter are treated with respect. We embrace the diversity of our communities and strive to make our offer equal to all

COLLABORATIVE – We believe that working effectively with others serves to strengthen available resources and improve outcomes

INNOVATIVE – We are both forward thinking and morally creative in our work, with a desire to continually improve our services

COMPASSIONATE – Because we care, we take a fearless presence in our professional commitments